2047 The fusion generator is developed. Six world powers divide Earth: the American States, the European Union, the Asiatic Federation, the Pacific Bloc, the Indo-African League, and Microtel. A period of peace and prosperity begins.

2064 Pacific Bloc builds first permanent lunar colony.

2073 Permanent manned colonies on Mars established.

2106 The mass reactor is developed by the Indo-African League, forever changing the world. A period of tension and competition begins between the world powers that eventually involves even the client states.

2110 The first spacecraft fitted with mass reactor power sources roll off the assembly lines, and system explorer vessels are quickly developed. Over the next 50 years, the world powers explore, catalog, divide, and finally colonize most of the solar system.

2124 Humans make first contact with the Fraal.

2154 The Borealis Republic founded on Earth.

2160 Fraal science combines with human technology to create the stardrive. With this new engine, space vessels can now travel out of the solar system at relatively fast speeds due to the stardrive’s ability to access drivespace.

2183 The Orlamu Foundation, later the Theocracy, colonizes planets of its own.

2193 VoidCorp constructs first drivespace communications satellite.

2218 First fortress-class ships are designed and construc¬tion begins.

2230 The first fortress ships, vessels capable of leaping 25 light-years in a single starfall, are completed. A new era of exploration and colonization begins.

2241 More than 100 star systems fall under the control of the various Earth powers and growing colonial pow¬ers. Ties to Earth begin to fray.

2246 The Orlamu Theocracy contacts the weren.

2250 The Earth alliances declare the formation of the Terran Empire to stem the tide of colonial nationalism and retain control of their extensive holdings.

2263 Gregor Kent founds the first Thuldan colonies.

2267 The Nariac Domain is declared.

2271 The Hatire Community is formed.

2273 The Mechalus civilization is encountered by the Rigunmor Star Consortium.

2274 VoidCorp encounters the Sesheyans.

2291 Civil war begins in the Borealis Republic.

2296 First contact with the T’sa.

2298 The Thuldan Colonial Authority declares independence.

2299 The First Galactic War begins, partially incited by the refusal of the T’sa to join the great Terran Empire or one of its young colonies. The Terran Empire seeks to crush the rebellious colonies. The Guilder Conclave declares the Independence of the Rigunmor Star Consortium.

2310 StarMech declares itself an independent nation.

2312 The First Galactic War ends with the signing of the Treaty of Earth. The Terran Empire is replaced by the Union of Sol. Twenty-six stellar nations are recognized. The Interbellum begins. It’s a period of new exploration, scientific growth, and development. The ultimate range of the stardrive increases from 25 to 50 light-years.

2314 The first explorers reach the Verge. Members of the StarMech Collective explore the Tendril system

2321 Four nations, the Orion Nation, the Nordic Independent State, Free Kyrene Society, and New Columbia, form the Orion League.

2343 The Hammer Research Group explores Hammer’s Star, the last system in the Verge to be settled during the Interbellum

2346 The Mutant Uprising of Tau Ceti sparks the Second Galactic War. Nastier than the first, this war plunges humanity into a violent dark age.

2361 Emperor Decret announces the formation of the Expansion Pentad, which includes the Thuldan Empire, VoidCorp, the Hatire Community, the Nariac Domain, and the Dreth Commonwealth. The Orion League and the Borealis Republic announce the formation of the FreeSpace Alliance. The Rigunmor Star Consortium, the Union Of Sol, Austrin-Ontis Unlimited, and StarMech together form the alliance known as Profit.

2375 The Battle of Kendai. The drivespace communications link to the Verge is destroyed.

2394 Representatives from Insight, a division of VoidCorp, clandestinely meet with leaders of the FreeSpace Alliance and share Expansion Pentad plans and secrets.

2401 The turning point of the war is fought at the Battle of Songham. The Thuldan Empire and the Expansion Pentad are pushed back after almost 70 years of success. The ’gentleman’s agreement’ between the FreeSpace Alliance and Profit ends.

2460 Insight declares It’s independence. The VoidCorp Grid crashes.

2465 Leaders of the three great alliances meet to negotiate a peace at the Alkaid Conference.

2472 After years of effort, an agreement is signed to end the Second Galactic War. The Treaty of Concord establishes the Galactic Concord, a political body made up of representatives of each stellar nation and designed to maintain the peace, settle disputes, and bring unity to the galaxy. The stellar nations go about the business of reconstruction.

2489 The Borealis Colony on Spes, a planet orbiting Hammer’s Star in the Verge, is attacked and destroyed by unknown forces.

2496 The Kendai drivespace relay is rebuilt. Contact with the Verge is reestablished, transmitting the seven year-old recorded distress call from Hammer’s Star.

2497 The Concord fortress ship Monitor arrives in the Verge and begins a tour of major star systems on the way to Hammer’s Star. The Monitor finds the Silver Bell colony a battered ruin.

2501 February Seeds of War


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