Hero Creation

First things first I would recomend downloading SQuAT it will save you some time.
Couple things before we get started, I am allowing all the star Drive books to draw information from for designing your Hero. Mindwalking will be done from the Mindwalking book, if there is a question about rules between the core book and the Mindwalking book please use the rules from the mindwalking book.

As you begin making your hero I want you to keep in mind this is not D&D in space, there is more to playing a hero than the abillity to gun down some random alien or to pick a lock. Why does your hero do the things he does?
So for SQuAT you will need to set the rules set for Enchanced Hero +2a,2C

Optional Rule 2A: In addition to the free broad skills determined by race selection, a new character has a number of skill points equal to 30 plus 3 times his Intelligence score available to purchase skills during character creation. Human heroes receive a special bonus of 5 additional skill points at character creation.

This replaces the skill point allocations indicated on Table P5 in the Player’s Handbook. Under the old system, an alien hero with an Intelligence score of 9 received 40 skill points for initial skill purchase; under the upgrade, he receives 30 + (3 × 9) or 57 skill points. A human hero of the same Intelligence score would begin with 62 skill points if using this optional rule.

+2C is for the way skills are bought, you pay the listed price(modified by your career) for each rank in a skill
T’sa, Fraal, Mechalus, Weren, Sesheyan, Human
Combat Sepcs: bodyguard, corporate security specialist, gunner, law enforcer, martial artist, alien combat spec, mercenary, soldier, and spacehand.

Diplomats: ambassador, clergy, Concord administrator, corporate executive, entertainer, first contact consul, free trader, military officer, naval officer, stellar noble, and swindler.

Free Agents: bounty hunter, corsair, explorer, gambler, guide/scout, investigator, outlaw, reporter, smuggler, spy, and thief.

Tech Ops: crewman, comptech, gridpilot, doctor, engineer, independent pilot, medtech, scholar, and scientist.

Mindwalkers: biokineticist, biowarrior, ESPion, mystic, telekineticist, psiguard, telepath, and mind knight.

this is the one that gets everyone in this game.
What makes your hero do the things he does? this is something you should be building your hero around. if its vengeance then what/who is he taking revenge on? if he is on a mission; what is the mission? these things NEED to be answered in the background of your hero.
Moral Attitude:
How does your hero view the world? Does he always comform to those he works with? is he an Honorable man? while you dont need to explain why he see the world like this it would be nice to see it reflected in his background. please try and limit your choices here to the NON evil ones.
this is your personality, while its not a limit on your hero on how your hero will react, it is suppose to a starting point for your hero.
You would think by now you would know I want a backgorund on your hero, it is very useful for you as well as for me. A background allows you to build a story about yourself yes but it also defines how you got to be who you are. You become more than Red shirt #17 who Bones promises to protect this time. Backgrounds also allow me draw stories from and bring thinks to my setting that gives you more of a sense of belong to the story.

Hero Creation

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