Galactic Concord

‘Humanity is only as strong as its commitment to fellowship, advancement, and peace. For once civilization has lost faith in its future, then it is truly lost in the present.’
-First Secretary Thomas Stern, 2472

Formed from the wreckage of the Second Galactic War, the Galactic Concord stands as mankind’s hope for the future. Cobbled together from the losers and leftovers of the war by the surviving nations, the Concord is an arbiter in the affairs of the stellar nations. The Concord has been described as humanity’s jury, a moral compass intended to keep all the stellar nations in line.

The Treaty of Concord
The Treaty of Concord established the groundwork for the Galactic Concord. The treaty finalized the borders between the stellar nations, established Concord Neutralities, allocated resources from the existing governments into a pool that became the property of the Galactic Concord, protected the t’sa by establishing their cluster of space as a Concord protectorate, and created the 13th stellar nation.
The Concord was established along the same lines as other stellar nations. Understandably, many nations feared the creation of a supemation that could one day overthrow them. The lessons of both Galactic Wars and the secessions that came with them were still fresh in the minds of the delegates.
The nation created by the treaty is a hybrid unlike any of the other stellar nations. Its borders are scattered across Old Space, creating neutral territory between wartime enemies. Its governmental bodies contain members from all of the stellar nations, each dedicated to governing on both a macro and micro level. The Concord’s military is likewise composed of members from every nation and species. In the years since the war, Concord authorities have successfully brought numerous small conflicts to a close. Skirmishes have proven Star Force and the Concord Marines surprisingly effective after only a few years of organization.

The T’sa GC Government Galactic Consulate The First Secretary
Galactic Court Concord Assembly Galactic Bank Chanellor
Concord Diplomatic Service Concord Investigative Bureau Concord Military Concord Administrators

Galactic Concord

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