Alternity Errata

Alternity Player’s Handbook errata – Version 2.0, 28 July 1998

Page 58, first full paragraph: Change to read “If he loses all his stun points, he is unconscious and in danger of drowning.”
Page 66: At the end of the powered armor skill description, change to read: “. . . associated with powered armor (not combat armor) by 1 additional step.”
Page 115: In bounty hunter signature equipment, change SMG to 11mm pistol.
Page 218, dermal armor: Should be d4+1 (HI), not (LI).

Alternity Player’s Handbook errata – Version 1.0,21 May 1998
General note: When the text refers to a bonus or a penalty of a specific amount (-1 bonus, +2 penalty, etc.), the number represents steps on the Situation Die Steps Scale. For instance, if the situation die is +d4 and a -1 bonus is applied, the situation die becomes +d0. If a +2 penalty is applied, the situation die becomes +d8. The number does not represent an alteration to the result of a die roll.

p.12, col 1, “Situation Die Steps”: A smaller version of the Situation Die Steps Scale does not appear on the character templates later in this chapter. (We eliminated those elements from the final APHB to make room for the Background descriptions for each character.)
p.15, Entertainer character template: The missing last line under “Background” should read “rary member of the Nebula Bounty’s crew.”
p.35, col 1, just above the Example: The cost to purchase a skill at rank 3, after rank 2 has been purchased, is the list price or list price -1 plus 2 (the skill’s current rank).
p.63, col 3, “Trained or Untrained”: The untrained score is determined by taking one-half of the Ability Score, rounded down (not up).
p.86, bottom sidebar, Good Success: Should be 10% in a random wrong direction (not 90%).
p.155, col 2, Notebook: Additional battery packs cost $20 each.
p.173: Missing statistics for the Tri-staff are as follows: Actions 3, Clip Size 12, Clip Cost 200, Hide -, Mass 5. Avail Res, Cost 5000.
p.176, Crossbow: Skill should be Prim-crossbow (not Prim-bow).
p.183: Mass of the PL 5 heavy machine gun should be 50, not 0.5.
p.185, col 3, “Cannon, rail”: Replace “rail” with “25mm sabot” or “sabot,” as per Table P40.
p.194, Jetpack: The skill should be Flight, not Daredevil.
p.198, Space fighter: “anomaly inducer” should be “inertial flux.”
p.248, col 3, Heavy Wound: “Additional wound damage after all stun boxes are marked off . . .”: Should be “all wound boxes.”

Alternity Gamemaster Guide errata – version 1.0, 28 July 1998

Page 48, first full paragraph, last 3 lines: Should read “. . . can change a clip and fire a submachinegun in the same round at a +1 penalty.”
Page 62, G3: High Gravity, last paragraph: Should read “. . . brought about by a G3 environment.”
Page 98, Military Officer description: Replace “automedic” in the two Equipment paragraphs with “trauma pack.”
Page 145, planetary thruster, second paragraph: One thruster is required per 20 durability points of the ship.
Page 152, Table G44: Range for the SMP missile should be 8/16/24.
Page 152, Table G44: Mass cannon type should be LI.
Page 193, Table G59: In the “Color” column, change the entry for F class stars from Green to White.
Page 204, CL 7: Improved World, last line: Should read “. . . to locate unusual or rare materials.”

Alternity Errata

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