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Rinstoke is a small orange dwarf surrounded by six uninhabitable planets. It’s served as a navigational way point and neutral meeting ground in the Verge for years. While none of the system’s planets are tolerable to humans, the gas giant Caina supports a huge moon system-including the ice moon of Hudson. This frozen world is home to an independent observatory, trading post, and emergency repair station called Baffin Island. Rinstoke’s location between Aegis, Oberon, and Algemron ensures a slow but steady stream of traffic from these metropolitan Verge systems.


Unlike many of the other systems in the Verge, Rinstoke is currently unclaimed by any stellar nation. The old Orion colonial government of Bluefall built the Baffin Island station back in 2415, and the Regency assumed sponsorship of the post when they took over the Aegis system. Faced with growing population pressure at home, the Regency is aggressively investigating the potential for terraforming Hudson and settling the Rinstoke system as a fourth world (the colony of a colony of a colony of Earth) colony. Regency scientists have set up several permanent research posts in and around Baffin Island to study the moon’s biosphere and conduct field tests of a number of different terraforming techniques.
Beyond Hudson, Rinstoke is poor in strategic minerals and metals. Its only worthwhile resources are the CHON elements- carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. These are valuable as sources of water, synthesized foods, and manufactured plastics, but they’re also found in almost every star system. What Rinstoke offers is a system in which these resources can be exploited without undue space hazards or conflicting claims of ownership.


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