Points of Interest
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More than 30 light-years from the nearest major system, Karnath supports a family of thirteen planets-including the Class 1 world of Bhruusil. This cold steppe-world is home to an intelligent race of grazers known as the bhruu, a highly socialized species just beginning to master the basics of human technology. Carefully avoiding any formal incorporation with their human neighbors, the bhruu are patiently studying humankind even as human scientists and sociologists are studying them.
Once the property of VoidCorp, Karnath was secretly subverted during the Long Silence by Insight sympathizers and handed over to the new nation when Insight broke away from their corporate masters. Obviously, VoidCorp strenuously objected to this development and demanded the return of Karnath and Bhruusil to its control. While it hasn’t succeeded in reestablishing its foothold on Bhruusil, VoidCorp is very busy building mining posts and military bases on neighboring planets.


Although the Verge lay on the opposite side of human space from the bulk of their holdings, VoidCorp was intensely interested in establishing a strong presence in the new frontier during the explorations following GW1. A VoidCorp exploitation team surveyed Karnath in 2335 and secretly reported the discovery of a Class 1 world to their executives. VoidCorp dispatched a contact team to Bhruusil in early 2337 in order to forge a binding contract with the bhruu. (This contract was similar to the one with which they’d ensnared the sesheyans.)
The entrapment of the bhruu failed miserably. Before any chieftain agreed to sign a document binding all bhruu every-where, the bhruu herds met to discuss the off-worlder proposal. In typical bhruu fashion, they returned to VoidCorp‘s representatives with a simple request: “Explain your legal system to us. Don’t leave anything out” VoidCorp‘s contact and exploitation specialists resigned themselves to a much more involved negotiation process, while the corporate executives back in the Stellar Bing prepared a pacification contingency to dominate the bhruu through military means.
The military expedition to Karnath was never launched. Delayed on three occasions by developments back in the Stellar Ring, the Tau Ceti incident pushed any military efforts in the Verge to the back burner. The Chief Executive of VoidCorp’s new Karnath Development Division was ordered to continue negotiations and await further instructions. With none forthcoming, most of the VoidCorp personnel took ship and returned to Old Space in the 2350s.
In 2449, a VoidCorp base construction team and colonization division of 3,000 settlers arrived at Karnath without warning. In the midst of the Long Silence, the hardened VoidCorp survivors still on the planet were surprised by the arrival of this new group. Over the next three years, they built the future planetary capital of Kansas Station in Bhruusil’s temperate equatorial regions. But the new executives of the Karnath Development Division harbored an astonishing secret: They worked for Insight, not VoidCorp. A year after Insight broke away from VoidCorp, the Karnath Development Division mysteriously followed them, leading some historians to speculate that Insight must have had some means of covert communication with the otherwise isolated Verge. No proof of this unknown communication channel has ever surfaced, and Insight refuses to comment on the question.


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