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Planets Moons Stations City
Spes Fides and Charitas Valiis Orbital Station Silver Bell / Alcazar / Boman Terraforming Station
Platon Arist
Asteroid Belts Revik Belt and Vicek Belt And Finally the black hole known as The Pit


The story of Hammer’s Star is a tale of woe still in the making. From its initial discovery by Borealin explorers to the abandonment and ultimate destruction of its Borealin colony, Hammer’s Star is a system whose tragic history unfolds with the blood of innocents.
The Hammer’s Star system contains a young, yellow G5 star and four planets. Bruelt, the farthest planetary body, is little more than an asteroid captured by the star’s gravity. Iniad, orbiting closer to the yellow star, is a gas giant that ranks among the largest planets in existence. If Iniad‘s size were to double, the planet could almost classify as a star. Iniad’s gravity well is responsible for the destruction of two planets; their wreckage has formed asteroid belts on both sides of the gas giant. The larger Vicek Belt lies farther out in the system beyond Iniad, while the less populous Revik Belt is closer in.
Platon, the third planet of this system, is a small gas giant that must forever fight the solar winds of Hammer’s Star to preserve its thick cloak of helium and hydrogen. In addition, Platon possesses one of the more interesting satellites in the system. Its third moon, Arist, has equatorial temperatures averaging -50°C. Thus, it can serve as a haven-albeit a chilly one-for life.
Spes, the closest planet to Hammer’s Star, has attracted the most interest to the system’s visitors. Spes‘s stellar positioning and moderate climate make it an ideal sanctuary for sentient life, and it was to this planet that the first Borealin explorers came.
Despite its obvious importance, Hammer’s Star isn’t truly the primary stellar object in this system. Nearly 923 AU from Hammer’s Star lies a black hole called The Pit. The gravitational power of this black hole traps Hammer’s Star and its planets in long, winding orbits that last thousands of years.


Hammer's Star

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