Corrivale History

Like Tendril, Corrivale was surveyed by the StarMech Verge scouting missions of 2315 and 2316. While the Collective authorities preferred Grith to Alaundril as a colony site, Alaundril‘s location closer to Did Space seemed a better strategic move to control access to the Verge. Anxious to stake a claim in the newly opened frontier, the Hatire Community purchased the rights to settle Grithfrom StarMech in 2319 for the sum of 50 million Terran credits. The first Hatire colony vessel landed at Diamond Point in the moon’s arctic in 2324, and the Brethren began taming the jungle the old-fashioned way, with bulldozers and fire.
The Hatire soon discovered that they weren’t the first inhabitants of Grith; moss-grown alien ruins lay hidden in isolated sites all over the forest world. Hatire xenoarcheologists surveyed dozens of major sites, hoping to find new insight into the long-vanished Cosimir. They discovered no religious revelations, but instead pieced together a few tantalizing hints of an ancient warrior race through guesswork and supposition. The origin and fate of the Grith builders remains a mystery to this day,- Hatire digs turn up new finds every few years, and survey teams regularly chart new sites for future investigation.
By the beginning of the Second Galactic War in 234B, the Hatire settlement of Diamond Point had grown into a good-sized town of more than 30,000 citizens, surrounded by vast plantations and open rangeland-a green plain more than 100 kilo-meters across in the northern reaches of Grith’s world-girdling jungles. For a time, Diamond Point continued to thrive, a rare system untouched by the tides of war.

The CA 319 Raid

Early in 2350, Heavy Cruiser 319 a VoidCorp warship-arrived in the Verge. Boldly preying on any Verge commerce it could run to ground, CA 319 ruthlessly bombarded Diamond Point, destroying most of the fledgling colony’s industrial capacity and port facilities. CA 319 hit several nearby systems over the next three months before VoidCorp recalled the ship to the heavy fighting in Old Space.
Wrecked by orbital bombardment, Diamond Point suffered from a plague the next year, brought on by the destruction of its hospital. Corsair fleets preying on isolated outposts and weak systems in the Verge hit the colony in 2353, 2359, and again in 2360. The few remaining Hatires abandoned Diamond Point in 2362, emigrating to Tendril or Oberon.
From 2362 through 2497, Grith lay fallow, its verdant jungle reclaiming much of the colony site. Corrivale wasn’t completely abandoned; mining operations still proceeded on Iphus and in the Inner Belt, Alaundrin merchants passed through the system routinely in their travels along the Verge spine, while outlaws and prospectors built hardscrabble lives for themselves in the Outer Belt. From time to time, a rugged homesteader from a neighboring system landed on Grith to build a home far from Did Space and the war. Some of these settlers still live deep in Grith’s backcountry.

The MONITOR’S Arrival

In 2497, the Concord fortress ship Monitor returned to the Verge, reestablishing a link to Did Space. Surveying each system as she proceeded along the Verge spine, the Monitor made an astonishing discovery in Corrivale: The old site of Diamond Point had been reoccupied by a colony of 100,000 sesheyans! These sesheyans claimed they’d always been on Grith, living thousands of kilometers south of the Hatire settlement.
The VoidCorp representative aboard the Monitor instantly filed a claim to recognize the sesheyans as VoidCorp Employees, but the sesheyanss maintained that they’d been taken from Sheya more than 1,000 years ago by the mysterious race who once inhabited Grith. Since their ancestors had left Sheya centuries before VoidCorp‘s contract, the Grith sesheyans argued that they weren’t subject to its authority.
Despite an exhaustive investigation, VoidCorp could not prove that the Grith sesheyans didn’t arrive on Grith in exactly the manner they claimed, although many impartial observers suspected that the sesheyans were refugees who had somehow slipped out of VoidCorp‘s grasp in the chaos of GW2. In a controversial 2499 ruling, Concord Administrator Ari Mahdra denied VoidCorp’s suit and recognized the sesheyans of Grith as an independent, indigenous race. Since Grith was largely unsettled, she also upheld the Hatire right to recolonize Grith at a rate of 50,000 colonists per year. Mahdra’s ruling required the sesheyanss to return 60% of Diamond Point to the Hatire, and left the Hatire as Grith’s recognized planetary government.


Here’s a surprise: The sesheyans are lying. In 2359, a sesheyans leader by the name of Nu’itei led an uprising in a vast VoidCorp labor camp in old Space. Gaining their freedom, the sesheyans seized a ragged flotilla of corporate gunboats and freighters and fled for the Verge. With the help of a computer division insider, they erased all records of the camp, the stolen ships, even their own Employee numbers.
Arriving in the Verge, they scouted the region and chose Grith as their new home. The third ‘corsair’ flotilla that attacked in 2360 was actually the sesheyans invasion. Desperate to protect their freedom, they drove most of the Hatires off the planet and killed those who remained. Then Nu’itei crafted an elaborate story to explain the sesheyans presence on Grith. All children born on Grith were taught that their people had been brought to the jungle world a thousand years before, and that the Hatires had fled of their own accord. Many sesheyans resisted the crafting of such a monstrous lie, and taught their children the true story as well as the false one. Most Grith sesheyanss honestly believe the lie, and most dissenters’ understand that their silence is their freedom.

Corrivale History

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