Points of Interest
- Argos A and BMarybelleVerge Confederation -

Not far from the cosmopolitan Aegis system lies the Argos system, one of the more interesting places in the Verge. Argos is a binary star system that has attracted explorers, scientists, and colonists. The first billion years of the Argos system passed in fairly mundane fashion; twelve planets formed orbits about a yellow G5 star. These planets were a mixed collection of Jovian gas giants and terrestrial worlds-the most famous of which is Marybelle. Eventually, this star’s course took it close to a second star, and the two systems became one.


In 2322, explorers from Bluefall came to the Argos system and discovered worlds ripe with potential. Instead of claiming the system for their new united stellar nation, citizens of what used to be New Columbia settled the Argos system independently. These colonists belonged to political groups that had opposed the Orion unification for various reasons, and they hoped to make a fresh start. Since the Argos system didn’t have a Class 1 world, it didn’t hold much interest for the stellar nations; no one wanted to fight over it. Thus, these colonists made their claim unchallenged by any other nation or system.
During the Long Silence, the worlds of the Argos system be-came a haven for refugees and independents. The first leader-ship councils opened Marybelle for colonization without regard to stellar origin, species, or nationality. As a result, the Argos system-a common milepost for travelers moving from the center of the Verge to its further edge-became home to diverse interests.
In general, the inhabitants of this system ignored the return of stellar nations-even though their presence improved the local economy. Currently, the stellar nations have offered the use of technology to advance the terraforming of Marybelle, and representatives from the nations of the Stellar Ring have expressed a desire to bring the planet and the system into their individual folds. The local population has simply declined.


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