StarDrive Reborn

Here and Now Part 3

Episode 4

As the group talks more with this strange Fraal it is discovered that he is really from a race known as the Thaal, that has some ties with the Fraal however there is no known recorded history of the Thaal in the Fraal’s archives.

The Thaal allows the group to go in exchange for the life of Ka’anti and the group refuses. A battle is started and the Thaal is killed along with a couple other Klick warriors.
Ka’anti uses his mental abilities to communicate with one of the Klick technicians.

The Klick informs him that the Klick’s are a slave warrior race of the Thaal and the Queens are being held captive on their home planet of Hivehome.

The Klick also tells him that the Thaal are working to find a way to release their gods from their prison and it has something to do with technology that can be found in the Verge.

Afterward releasing the Klick the group decides to head back to their ship with the technology they have only to dicover their ship is gone and had Dylan has been capture by a race of large lizzard like creatures known as the Medurr, that have setup a colony on this planet.
After talking with the Aaln of the colony it was decided that there would be a negotiation for the ship and Captain Dylan’s life.
Ka’anti and Greplytix volunteered to negotiate for the group and the Aaln choose her best negotiator and then it was revealed that in order for the group to win they must kill the other negotiator. Which after a major battle they were able to do.

The group was released and sent on their way, as they left orbit they headed to the strange structure that was identified by bessy earlier and they could clearly make out that it was some kind of stargate system that allowed the Medurr move starships from their home system to this system.

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