StarDrive Reborn

The Here and Now Part 2

Oct. 29 2502
Secrets Discovered

After accepting a mission for the company known as Firewall the team heads off to the Cambria system to investigate some alien ruins.
Expecting to find possible resistance from other ruins investigators or other traps left behind from the long forgotten race. The group is surprised by a small force of Klicks doing their own investigation of the ruins.
What could these over grown bugs want with ancient alien ruins? and why does Ka’anti
seem to be immune to the Klicks bio weakness field?

Ending of the Episode: After making their way deeper into the ancient temple the team encounters a Fraal who appears to be working with the Klicks. The Fraal offered the team the opportunity the chance to convert and become followers of the I’Krl or be put to death. The team debated it for a bit before choosing to decline the offer, session ended there.

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