StarDrive Reborn

The Here and Now

Oct. 14 2502
Secrets Discovered

Four years have past since the attempted spreading of a virus on the Kendai station.

Our heroes have come to the Verge for many different reasons however they have found that its good to have friends that will watch your back when working missions in the Verge.

Recently they have been contacted by a new client, who would like to meet with them in the Tendril on the moon of Alaundril to discuss a potential business agreement.

After meeting with their contact Amber Keller the group decided to do some work for a company called Firewall.
Every group member was offered to have their DNA and information stored on file in the event of a Firewall mission going bad, they could replace their body and download their memories into the new body.

The first mission for Firewall takes the group to a planet in the Cambria system to investigate some recently discovered ancient ruins.

Episode ending.. After a tough fight with 2 Klicks, the group are regrouping to decide exactly what to do, Zoe is hurting pretty bad but Morden thinks he can patch him up decently enough to continue.

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