Secrets Discovered

Episode 1 – Kendai Station

Jax Walken and his agents were all listed as Insight citizens working for the Galactic Concord, however it was later discovered that none of them were actually from Insight.

The creature on the drivesat is believed to be a Klick

The Virus would have wiped out all unprotected drive rely stations that it reached and would have carried on across the Old Space nations unless a nation had devised protection against it beforehand.

Walken and his crew’s ship was not jumpdrive capable, so either they had planned to return to the station or they were suppose to meet someone to pick them up after the mission was complete.

Klick have never been found in Old Space before this event.

While no in game link was found between the Klick and Walken’s team, if they were in fact working together that would have been the first incident of cooperation between humans and klicks.

Episode 2 – The Here and Now Part 1

Klick’s have a bio-weakness field that affects nearly everyone standing within 20 meters of them.

Episode 3 – The Here and Now Part 2
Klick’s appear to be using some kind of bio-organic technology and even have power sources that are almost alive.

There appear to be Fraal that are working with the Klicks which could explain why Ka’anti would not be affected by the Klick’s bio-weakness field.

The fraal that was encountered seems to be less about logic and more about the blind promotion of a religion that follows a god by the name of I’Krl

The Fraal also mentioned another race The Kadarans that made some of their technology for them.

Secrets Discovered

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