Morden's episode 3 write up

Went further in after healing the wounds of my fellows. The one with all the fur can take quite a few hits, luckily none were fatal wounds. Every now and then my old wounds still act up. I told my old team that it was not safe and that we are considered enemies from that big suicidal task. I barely escaped with my life. Comrades have fallen. Hopefully I can reach my main Special Tasks Group again so we can group up and determine the whereabouts of our other agents. But for now, I have to lay low with a new group. I’m considered an enemy to many powerful mercenary groups. This neat bunch group of other species seems like a nice fit for me. We do kinda stick out though.

Anyways, I really wanted to research the Kikkies but they turn into piles of goop, INCLUDING THEIR WEAPONS, when they die. I’ll still take a few samples though.

A most curious discovery, the cyborg found the battery source of these ancient computers. I know not what it does besides being easy to pack away and put onto the computer to generate power.

There were two kikkies that fought us before another two that were working on that computer ran away. Apparently they were not fighters of their species. Very interesting.

The path where the two kikkies went to is one of the rooms where you have a few modern computers/technology dohickeys and there was one of the gray skinny aliens that were called a Fraal, just like the one in out group. Weird folks. I don’t know much about them but I do know that they prefer science. But this one gave us the choice to convert to a cult called the Ikkies. Convert? Hah! The only thing I know of cults is that they use their own as pawns. I’d rather stay with the STG, at least they treated me like I was important. Afterall, I was a highly trained medic. I’ve been taught a few things with shooting and psychology and such to get by. Ugh. I miss being in the STG.

Someone must’ve betrayed us in that last mission.

Morden's episode 3 write up

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