CL476 75TZQ's episode 2 write up

Employee: CL476 75TZQ
Begin Report
Begin Encryption

Corporate espionage is a dangerous game, not because of the threat of discovery by rival businesses. Goddess knows that I have been nearly ferreted out by those idiots in Insight more times than I can count. No, the problem is that in the course of learning what your rivals know, you learn what they know about you. Things you didn’t know about you.

And now I am something of a liability, because I know things about my employers that they don’t know that I know. And I suspect that they suspect that I know things that are “above my pay grade and clearance level.” And they wonder, “Can we put that to use, or is a transfer or liquidation in order?”

I have been assigned a new mission. The question is: is this a promotion or a lateral transfer or a liquidation?

New companions, a happy advertisement of racial integration:
Zoe Mortoc, a Weren Concord soldier
Greplytix, a socially wry Mechalus explorer
Mordin, a Tsaa Concord doctor
Ka’anti, a Fraal pacifist (mostly) Ambassador from Orion
Dylan Ka’Vast, our human ship captain and native of the Verge.

Most of them have known each other for some time.

An offer was made by the Firewall Corporation, including extensive hardware installed in the head. The rest accepted this hardware, bur of course I did not. Not only do I not have the proper authorization from my employers, but the last thing that I need is for my employers to have access to softwear that records all of my experiences, since this is the crux of my potential contract dispute. I’ll take the money, and hope to buy an apartment from a few pay-grades higher than my own. The DE apartment block is particularly pleasant from what I have seen.

First stop, the Cambria system to investigate ruins of the ancient races. En route we discover Klicks. One of those things I learned of before my time. Up front, as unpleasant as the files I have read. And a curious encounter. Unarmed, Ka’anti had greater success against them than I would have anticipated. It was almost like they did not see him. My own combat abilities were hampered by them in close range. So engage them in combat at a range. But more, why were they unwilling to attack Ka’anti to begin with? Why were they in the same area to begin with? Investigation of the Ancients? And if so, to what end? What motivation do these Externals have? Is this part of some weapons research against us?

My goal is still to get to the Hawthorne system, to investigate the communications array set up by Vurhyr Barok Lhor. What is the Company’s role in this? Savior, conspirator, or something far more complex? One thing is for certain: when the bottom line is concerned, the Company always does what is best for the Company.

End Encryption
End Report

CL476 75TZQ's episode 2 write up

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