Teri Reed

Chief Engineer


Human Tech Op, 3rd level
STR 9 INT 12 (1)
DEX 12 (
1) WIL 8
CON 10 PER 10

Durability: 10/10/5/5
Action check: 14+/13/6/3
Move: sprint 20, run 12, walk 4
#Actions: 2
Reaction score: Ordinary/2
Last Resorts: 1

Unarmed–power 11/5/2 d4s/d4+1s/d4+2s LI/O
11mm ch pistol 14/7/3 d4+2w/d6+2w/d4+1m HI/O

Armor: none (LI), none (HI), none (En)

Athletics (9); Unarmed Attack (9); Modern (12)–pistol (13); Vehicle (12)–space (13); Stamina (10) endurance (11); Computer (12)–hardware (13), programming (13); Knowledge (12)–language (Standard) (15); Security (12); System (12)–communications (13), engineering (15), sensors (13), Technical (12)–invention (13), juryrig (14), repair (15), knowledge (13); Awareness (8); Culture (10); Interaction (10).


Reed is a petite, active woman in her late 30s, with a rumpled jumpsuit and a general unkempt look. As a young woman she enlisted in the Orion Navy as an engineer; about 10 years later she went to work for the Concord Space Authority, the civilian counterpart to the Star Force. Despite her disheveled appearance and abrasive manner, Reed is an outstanding engineer, respected by those who work for her. More importantly, Reed knows the station better than anyone.

Teri Reed

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