Klick Warrior


To humans, a klick most resembles an arachnid—because of the multi-jointed legs that carry its wedge-shaped body. Each leg ends in wickedly pointed pincers. The wedge-shaped body measures about two meters long and about one meter thick at its widest point. It’s covered with smooth, chitinous armor across the top, and plates of the same material along its belly. Only the bulbous sensory organs are exposed. These cover a large, globular mass that descends beneath the thinner, forward portion of the wedge. Two forelimbs reach out from beside the sensory organs. The pincers at the end of these limbs are more dexterous than those attached to the legs, capable of manipulating weapons or technology.


Klicks possess a high degree of intelligence, demonstrated primarily by their cooperation and teamwork. The use of technology—both starships and their “blacklaser” energy weapons—confirms an applied intelligence of some kind. Language, social structure, and origin are unknown. All encounters end with violence.
Klick teams make use of ambushes. They attack in numbers, swarming quickly over small groups. Then they fight savagely, taking no prisoners. Klicks are considerably durable in regards to stun damage If a klick is somehow captured, it quickly dies.

Klick Warrior

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