Dr. Andrew Tofske

Administrator of Land's End

Level 13 Human Tech Op.

STB 9 (0) INT14 (+2)
DEX 10 (0) W1L 9 (0)
CON 10 PER 8

Durability: 10/10/5/5 Action check: 13+/12/6/3
Move: sprint 18, run 12, walk 4
#Actions: 2
Reaction score: Ordinary/2
Last resorts: 1


Unarmed-brawl 10/5/2 d4s/d4+ls/d4+2s LI/0


Armor: none (LI), none (HI), none (En)


Athletics (9); Unarmed (9)-brawl (10); Vehicle (10)-space (11); Stamina ( 10); Business (12); Knowledge (14)-computer (17); Navigation |14|; Life (14)-biology (16); botany (I6), xenology (I6), zoology (16); Physical (14)-chemistry (17); physics (17), planetology (20)/ System Operation (14); Technical (14)-knowledge (terraforming) (24); Administration (9); Awareness (9); Culture (8)-etiquette: Tendril(9), etiquette: StarMech (9) etiquette: Solar (11); Interaction j 12); Leadership (12).


Tofske wants nothing more than to complete the impossible, with his name forever etched into history as the man who mastered the hell that Delphin was. Obsessed as he is, he left behind a reliable position in the Solar Union to put his radical ideas to the test out in the frontier. He knows that many of his StarMech assistants are watching him, hoping to dis-cover the secrets of Solar terraforming, but he just doesn’t care.
Tofske doesn’t believe in the claims of indigenous sentients on Delphin. If anyone were to provide proof of such a lifeform, Tofske might quit the project entirely.
The truth is that both StarMech authorities and Concord surveyors have found and catalogued at least three animal species on Delphin. One of them appears to be sentient. This is the real reason behind the StarMech‘s willingness to pour billions into the near-impossible task of terraforming Delphin. The terraforming effort is a smokescreen to conceal their discovery. The revelation of a sentient species is quite valuable, politically and economically, to any stellar nation.
It’s going to take some pretty strong evidence to convince anyone in Tendril that life truly exists on such a hostile planet. A few smashed conduits and damaged airlocks are hardly conclusive.

Dr. Andrew Tofske

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