StarDrive Reborn

Kendai Station


Date: 11.10.2497

Secrets Discovered

During the Second Galactic War, great stretches of human space were laid waste, depopulated, or simply lost. Decades of warfare set back humanity’s expansion by generations. One region that slipped out of contact was the stretch of space known as the Verge. This frontier was the leading edge of human exploration over a hundred years ago, but the devastation near the Verge drove the frontier beyond civilization’s reach for almost a century.

The Kendai drivespace communications relay, located on the outermost edge of the Stellar Ring, represents a crucial link during these years of reconstruction. During the Second Galactic War it was destroyed, thus isolating the Verge from known space. Now the Concord has taken up the task of repairing the station with the intention of reestablishing normal communications with the long-lost worlds of the Verge. As this adventure opens, the heroes are part of this effort.

The ComTech operatives have just departed the station with the Station Commander Rouen as their hostage, after succeeding in their mission to plant the virus. As they left, they cut off the lights, interior communications, power, powerlifts, and gravity. Using the damage control systems in engineering, they’ve tricked the station’s automated systems into believing that the berthing compartments have lost their atmospheres, but not before being discovered by Security Officer Bloch, Walken’s team eliminated him and threw his body out the airlock. The vacuum-tight hatches leading to the berthing compartments have been locked down in response knowning that the Chief Engineer could potentially ruin their plans if given enough time, Walken had Chief Engineering Officer Reid drugged.

Locking the heroes in their quarters and deactivating power throughout the station was only distractions designed by Walken and his men. Their real task was to install the Geneva Virus on the station’s communication computer; the powerful machine that sorts, addresses, and encodes all message traffic transmitted and received through the drivesat relays.

Jax Walken and his ComTech agents, their plan unraveling, return to the Kendai station with an additional unidentified being to eliminate the heroes, retake control, and replant the virus in Kendai’s drivesats. The heroes are able to stop Walken and his men from retaking the station and Walken’s unknown ally is launched into drivespace with one of the drivesats.

As the adventure ends, the heroes have defeated the ComTech team and destroyed, disabled, or deprogrammed the corrupted drivesats.

Ending of the Episode

The station’s mess decks have been arrayed in brilliant banners representing each of the stellar nations for a great diplomatic gathering to commemorate the first words from the Verge. Dignitaries have been pouring into the station for days now—all available spaces have been converted to temporary guest berthing, and hundreds of visitors are residing in the small fleet of starships drifting in orbit nearby.

For the ceremonial first message, a special holographic screen has been set up, filling one end of the hall. As the appointed hour approaches, the room fills with an excited buzz. The station commander steps up to the podium and activates an external camera. Shimmering into view, Drivesat 1 rises from the deeps of drivespace. The commander checks a display and smiles. “Fellow sentients, we have over 5,000 messages logged from the Tendril drivespace relay. The Verge is ours once again.” The delegates cheer.

He cues up the first message, which appears on the screen before you. A grim-faced man in formal military dress gazes from the holographic projection. “Greetings, Kendai. My name is Scott Williamson, and I represent the independent government of Alaundril—”
The message is suddenly interrupted. The screen fades into static-filled darkness. “Hold on,” a communication officer reports, adjusting the console. “The Alaundril message has been preempted by an Alpha Class emergency override. Another message is coming through.”
The audio speakers fill with a garbled static hiss. The room falls silent. “. . . Borealis colony Silver Bell at Hammer’s Star, calling any FreeSpace Alliance vessel . . . We are under attack by . . . Repeat, the colony is under heavy attack by unknown forces. Send help. Repeat, send help. It’s May 3, 2489. We need help, damn it! Please . . .”

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